A beautiful Moroccan Berber Rug is an asset to any room, adding colour, texture and comfort. We have noticed that more people over the years are purchasing rugs as a decorating statement. So for those of you who are looking for a rug, there are various different choices on the market right now. However our most popular choice of rug for any home, would be the Beni Ourain rugs. These rugs add both beauty and value to the space as well as being practical. They fit in perfectly with various different interior designs, especially contemporary decorating schemes. Beni Ourain rugs can offer any room tons of style, as well as being a centre piece in the space. These rugs make it easy for any homeowner to create a comfortable and stylish room that they can enjoy. 



Every homeowner wants a warm home for their family. Especially as we are now getting closer to the winter season when the temperatures outside start to drop. The best way to warm up any home is to purchase a rug for your floor, having a rug on the floor will make the space automatically feel warmer and more inviting in those cold winter months.

Softness is also another important quality most people want when designing their homes and purchasing a rug for that space. Spaces that have a softness to them feel great to touch and are usually more comfortable to be in. We always suggest to our customers that are looking to create a soft, comfortable space, to add a Beni Ourain rug as a centre piece on the floor. These rugs are crafted from pure wool, which retain their softness over time and just look perfectly stylish in your home.


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