• Origin: Morocco | Size: Available in all sizes | Material: Wool / Wool

Beni Ourain Berber Tribal Rugs

Berber rugs are made in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco traditionally by the Beni Ourain tribes. In the past these rugs were woven as sleeping mats, that is why they are distinctly long and narrow in size as well as thick and quite heavy.

The sheep found in this area produce wool that is distinctive to the Berber rug. The whole rug is 100% thick and has a rough weave making it a luxurious thick pile and comfortable rug.

Their looms are simple, vertical or horizontal and are often laid on the ground, which is traditional with any tribal rugs around the world as it makes it easy to transport when migrating.

Women usually work on the whole process from hand spinning the wool, dying it to then weaving it into a beautiful Berber rug. They create elements of their lives into the designs, often referring to natural events and aspects of daily life. Many designs symbolise fertility, survival, protection and the natural world. For example the female symbols in a Berber rug are the lozenge, the chevron and the X-shape. This is often interpreted as a symbol for fertility. As these designs have been passed down through generations, many have been lost over time.

We venture out into the Atlas Mountains and work closely with many of the weavers, who along with their own beautiful designs are happy to weave designs that we have created and sizes that are more suitable for a home in the UK. It’s a long procedure to get the right designs, colours but worth it when we see the end result.

When the rugs arrive in our warehouse in London we wash and finish them to a high standard bringing a bit of magic from a Berber village to your homes.

Berber rugs are considered to be the most prestigious rugs in Morocco; they are hand-knotted by the Berber tribes and are luxurious and perfect for almost anywhere in the home, from a lounge, hallway or dining room to a child’s bedroom.