If you would like some more information about any of our services, do give us a call or drop us a message and we will get back to you. Advice & valuations come free of charge for all of our services.



The process of cleaning, restoration and repair of valuable Persian rugs and oriental carpets needs specialist expertise. We can offer you the information and advice you need to ensure that your rug or carpet is treated with the highest standard and expertise.

Before we clean your carpet or rug, we first carefully examine and assess the appropriate procedure. Dye stability tests are done, then a careful hand cleaning method will be used to clean dust, grit and minor stains. We can bring the natural shine back to any carpet or rug.    


With the highest degree of skill and care, our expert repairers carry out the restoration of valuable and antique oriental carpets and rugs. Fringe repairs, tears, damaged weaving areas are all examples of the restoration services we provide in order to bring a rug back to its natural beauty.

See some before & after photos below - this is a case study of a repair done on an Antique Persian Senneh Kilim.


Almost every handmade rug has a fringe (or a Kilim weaved end) - an essential piece of the rug that holds everything together. The fringe is made up of the warp threads that are hand-knotted together with the warp yarn. The warp is then knotted at either end, making up the rugs fringe. Over time, sometimes these ends start to loosen & fray.


If these loose ends are not repaired, it will only travel further up the rug with time, so it is worth getting fixed. A skilled weaver will weave these loose ends back together, all by hand. Sometimes a little bit of the design at the end of the rug needs to be un-woven, in order to create enough material to extend the fringe. Each rug is different. In this case, you can see the incredible skill that has gone into the repair, it looks good as new!


Working with expert weavers, using 100% pure Persian wool and vegetable dyes, we are able to reproduce some of the old Persian rug designs that are so rare to find today, such as Heriz, Malayer, Farahan and Sultanabad, to name a few.

We are also here to help bring your designs to life, taking on projects or one-off bespoke rug creations. Do get in touch for a quote and rough timescale for the production of a bespoke rug(s).


You may have recently moved home and have a beautiful handmade rug that no longer fits the space. Bring it along with you, or send in a photo, and we will see if we can help you find a new rug to fit your space by exchanging or part-exchanging.

Do note that we cannot accept all types of rugs & the condition of your rug will place a large part in its valuation.


We can help you with a reliable valuation for insurance purposes, free of charge. We can also provide you with a certificate of authenticity to make your claim even more smooth. Valuations, for Persian rugs in particular, take a lot of experience and knowledge.

At Ahwazian, we have been working on building this knowledge and expertise for almost 30 years. Please contact us for more information.