Free valuation of all rug cleaning and repair

A specialist service for cleaning, restoration and repair of hand knotted carpets and rugs

The cleaning, restoration, or repair of valuable Persian rugs and oriental carpets needs specialist expertise. At Ahwazian we can offer you the information and advice you need to ensure that your rug or carpet is cleaned or restored to the highest standards. Repairing a damaged oriental rug can only be undertaken by highly skilled professionals. With any hand knotted carpet, the greatest care must be taken with any treatment.


Cleaning Service

Before we clean your carpet or rug we first carefully examine and access the appropriate procedure. Dye stability tests are done, then a careful hand cleaning method will be used to clean dust, grit and minor staines. this should then bring your carpet or rug back to its natural shine.


Restoration & Repair Service

With the highest degree of expertise and care our expert repairers carry out the restoration of valuable and antique oriental carpets and rugs. Fringe repairs, tears, weaving damaged areas, are all examples of the restoration service we provide to restore a rug back to its natural beauty.