• Stone Wash

Rug Recycling

The last trip to Iran we took a good look at this idea of “rug recycling” to get a better indication of how they take an old worn out rug and turn it into a modern décor piece. We were quite impressed with the amount of skill involved in recreating these old worn out rugs and bringing them back to life. It’s a great idea as the foundation of the rug is so strong and will last another 50 years. The pattern is set even in the small short pile that’s left and the quality of the natural dyes is the key to it looking fabulous.

Patchwork Rugs

Made from a compilation of older rug pieces, cut and stitched together by hand with a sewn on fabric backside. This then creates a traditional rug, with a modern twist.

Although these rugs have been around for a while it has only become popular again in the past few years. It’s a great way to recycle old rugs that still have beautiful colours but too much damage to repair or use the whole rug. The old and antique pieces often don’t have a fabric backside. These pieces always look great and are quite valuable.

Stonewash Rugs

Take traditional hand knotted carpets/rugs and re-style them to produce a contemporary and distressed look. They have a completely different history, In fact not much history at all, this is a very new process but at the same time a great idea to recycle a rug that is worn in places.

Over-dyed Rugs

Over dyed rugs take classic, traditional designs and dye over it with fashionable colours. A Similar idea to stonewash and becoming increasingly popular, especially as they often have one colour that can fit into almost any décor.