• BUKHARA / Origin: Pakistan | Province: Bukhara | Size: Available in all sizes | Material: Wool / Cotton | Description: Geometric

Pakistan and the rug industry

The modern Pakistani rug can be found all over the world. The first rugs of this region were produced in Lahore when the Mughal Emperors were in power. These beautiful rugs are well known for their decorative value and typically featured Mughal patterns. Caucasian styles were later introduced as the Persians influenced the area; these are the designs we see today that typically associate with Pakistani rugs. There are two main types of Pakistani hand knotted rugs which are Bokhara and Jaldar.



The Bokhara rugs are made in the area of Lahore and they are one of the easier rug types to identify. The design is ‘Tekke’ it’s geometric and originally comes from the Turkoman tribe. Tekke design is usually a deep shade of red with repeating pattern of octagonal guls, often known as an elephant’s foot. These guls are commonly dark blue, black or brown with ivory accents. The shapes and colours of guls vary from tribe to tribe; these differences were often used to identify the source of the rug. The pile is made of wool, that often has to be imported, and the warp and weft are made of cotton. It is also recognisable with its high sheen and a very soft thick pile. They create the almost silky finish by treating or brushing the wool



The Jaldar rugs are inspired from traditional Sarouk and Yamud designs that originate from Afghanistan. These rugs are often put in the same category as Bokhara rugs as they are very similar in design and weaving technique. The materials used are also the same as Bokhara rugs, the only obvious difference between the two is the medallion, or ‘gul’ in the rug, these are more of a diamond shape where as the medallion on the Bokhara rugs is more of an oval shape. The finished look of the Jaldar rugs is also a silky sheen.

Pakistani rugs are a great choice if you are looking for a cheaper good quality rug, as they are only a fraction of the price of a Persian or Afghan rug.