• Saruq | Size: 525 x 320 cm | Wool & Cotton

How large does a rug have to be to call it large?

We tend to think of a rug that’s 4m x 3m as a large rug but how large does it have to be to call it oversized?

It’s hard to believe but the largest rug in the world is as big as a football pitch! A massive 133 meters long and 41 meters wide. Commissioned by a Sheikh in the UAE, the weaving itself was done in 9 different workshops supervised by master weavers who then had the job of stitching the parts together to create one huge rug.

We don’t have one that large but our selection varies from 10 meters in length to the more standard oversized rug being around 5 metres in length.

The rugs frequently come in unusual sizes that make our stock quite unique here in the UK. For example some of our large rugs are 5 metres long but only 1 meter wide more often known as a gallery rug.

Oversized Persian Carpets are particularly difficult to find. Almost all large or oversize Persian rugs were commissioned for a mansion home or a palace 20-60 years ago. It is no surprise that the quality of each one is very good and the natural dyes look better the older they get.

We at Ahwazian are very proud of our vast selection of large/oversized rugs that has grown steadily over the past 25 years. Many of the carpets we have available here will never be seen anywhere else. Each and every one has been purchased when travelling to the many villages in Iran. We are always on the look out for individual large pieces and no matter how many we buy each one has its own beauty and unique quality.