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Indian Hand Knotted Rugs

India has a long history of making hand knotted rugs. Some of the finest antique rugs are Indian Agra.

The weavers were originally brought from Persia to India in the 16th Century. At first the designs were Persian but over time India developed their own style of weaving with influences from Indian culture and architecture.

In more recent times India has become famous for modern hand tufted rugs and so called shaggy rugs. They are a great, simple and economical floor covering appealing to many people.

The higher quality Indian rugs are Agra or Jaipur rugs. They are made of wool on a cotton warp or sometimes with a combination of wool and silk. In design they often show open fields with smaller medallions or an all over design. The colours are usually olive greens, blues, tans and a variety of reds.

Another high quality Indian rug is a Kashmir silk, this is a beautifully woven pure silk rug, with very fine weaving that is not as expensive as the Persian silk rug.

For over 25 years we have been traveling to many parts of India where we have watched the development and changes in the Industry.

One area where rug production is popular is Bhadohi, an area about 1 hour drive from Varanasi. Jalil Ahwazian has sources that are ethical rug suppliers; he has become good friends with many of the manufacturers and their families. In fact some of the children that he watched growing up are now running the business.

Its great to see the input and progress they are making not only in the rug industry, but also in the quality of life for their weavers too. The few companies that we work with have built many schools and teach there on a daily basis. They make sure they create a healthy working environment for their weavers.