• Kazak | Wool / Cotton

Afghan oriental carpets and rugs are from the weaving areas in West Afghanistan.

In recent years many regions are also weaving Persian and Caucasian designs as well as traditional Afghan designs. Many of the weavers today have settled in Pakistan and are continuing with their skilled weaving for the large manufacturing companies there. There is a large variety of Afghan rugs and some of the most popular are:


These were first made by Ziegler & CO a UK based distributor of Persian rugs in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Ziegler we see today is made by Afghan weavers. These rugs are often softer in colour than many traditional persian rugs and tend to have a bolder all over pattern. They fit well into the UK market and follow seasonal trends and colours.

Khan Mohamedi

First created by the one man Khal Mohammad, a weaver and master dyer. He trained weavers to create these distinctive rugs using high quality wool and a high knot count that gives a superior look. Another characteristic is the deep and distinctive shades of reds that are used to dye the wool. These different shades of red are woven together in different combinations to give each finished piece its own look.


With many beautiful colours and designs Kazak rugs are made with excellent quality hand spun wool. Influenced by the caucasian designs, they are recognisable with a more geometric pattern in red, blue or gold colours. They can often have other motifs, such as animals and flowers but still follow straight geometric patterns. The pile has a medium thickness and is very durable.


The name originates from the Nomadic Persian weavers in the Fars region. Afghan Gabbeh are manufactured using a similar type of weave. Designs are typically simple and contemporary, again following current trends of colour and design.