A selection of new and antique Persian ottomans, cushions and accessories in various geometric and contemporary patterns.

Persian Ottoman Stools

Made with a combination of Kilim and hand knotted rug upholstery such as Yallameh or Sirjan. These types of upholstery are made from 100% pure Persian wool or Soumak. This is a flat weave, made from intricately woven pure silk.

We have a range of new and vintage rugs that are made into ottomans or cushions. Our vintage range is between 40-60 years old.

The ottoman is finished with a flat weave Kilim, made from 100% wool. Each ottoman is a unique and beautifully hand crafted accessory that will compliment your existing decor. Ottoman stools can be used as a footstool, small seat or table.

Our Cushions and Bolsters

Our hand woven Kilims are crafted with a silk Soumak weave on the front or a beautiful continuation of Kilim around the cushion. Their vibrant colours and the intricate Soumak needlework will add a beautiful finish to any room.

Designs and Patterns

Over a thousand years ago each town in Persia had its own distinct weaving style. However over time village motifs and styles intermingled. We have various geometric and contemporary designs with all our accessories ranging from delicate floral motifs to bold geometric designs.

Each of our vintage accessories was at one point a beautiful Persian Kilim or hand knotted Persian rug, individually crafted into a beautiful accessory. I often try to imagine where these vintage rugs were 40-60 years ago and how amazing it is that they can be a modern sustainable product today.